Pet (dog) Photography Course

Sydney   |   4 Hours  |   Special Interest
  • Bring your own pet or shoot other dogs
  • Brilliant outdoor setting at Tamarama headland
  • Ideal for dogs but other pets welcome
  • Camera settings to capture the action
  • Lighting, composition, depth of field, angle of view
  • A doggone good time!

Cost: $150 | on demand

The pet (dog) photography course covers the gear and technique needed to take great shots. It requires a fast, trained eye to capture the action using varying depth of fields, shutter speeds, freezing and capturing motion and incorporating the right light and composition to create a great image. Animal photography is challenging, rewarding and highly satisfying. When you nail a great shot you can feel justifiably proud. Many factors such as lens perspective come into play shooting animals. For instance, shooting with a wide angle lens, a dachshund become a 3 foot long frankfurter and a long lens turns a bulldogs face into a 'look a like' Winston Churchill.

Tamarama beach and headlands is an ideal place to run this course. Tamarama has a reputation as a place where the beautiful people and their dogs hang out, earning it the nickname ‘Glamarama’. Tamarama beach is easy to get to and the lighting conditions are fantastic. The sharp, clean light, reflecting back off the sandstone cliffs, blue water and sandy cays makes this one of the great little beaches in Australia. We actually shoot on the headland closest to Bondi where its legal to have your dog unleashed as its a part of the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.

Throughout the course you will receive 1/1 mentoring and guidance from professional photographer Andrew Thomasson who has a enviable record as a professional pet, wildlife and sports photographer. Small groups of a maximum of 6 persons ensures that the animals avoid 'dog fights' This little enclave area also has a great mix of local heroes who like to surf, chill out on rock ledges and practice high dives into rock pools. The last hour of the course is dedicated to a workflow session using Lightroom 5 and a brief overview on the business side of pet photography.

Many of our students are asking... what about a pet photography course to show us how to shoot ALL pets...... from Anaconda's to Welsh Corgis (zebras are not pets) Please email us with expressions of interest.

learn about

  • DLSR, mirrorless and compact camera (with manual controls) functionality

  • RAW, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, bracketing, depth of field

  • Capturing the personality and spirit of your pet

  • How to shoot action in perfect beachside location with sand, sea and sky

  • Gear and technique to get pure white backdrops

  • Lens selection & perspective, freezing and showing motion, focusing modes

  • Compositition and lighting including reflectors and flash

  • The 'skills set' for starting your own pet photography business

course requirements

  • A basic knowledge of photography is required (such as Digital 1)

  • A digital DLSR, mirror-less or compact camera with manual controls

  • For DLSR and mirror-less camera users, at least a prime & multi range lens

  • Memory Card(s) - at least a 4GB card, instruction manual

  • Your own pet (or shoot other dogs running around), leash

time & location

10am to 2pm

Tamarama Marine Drive (Gaerloch reserve), Tamarama , Sydney

Meeting Point:
(Tamarama beach cafe)


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