Photography Courses & Workshops Summary

    Focus 10 Photography will inspire your digital SLR, mirror-less and compact camera photographic efforts, whatever your level of experience. For more than 24 years, Andrew and his team of photographic assistants has been helping photography enthusiasts master new techniques and improve their picture-taking skills by providing clear, direct information on a wide range of technical and creative topics.

    Lifestyle photography captures quirky, whimsical, luminous moments in life, requiring a sharp eye for detail. Our courses are broken down into specific photography workshops designed to stimulate and train the photographer's eye to spot the spontaneous moment, the playful fashion statement, the captive landscape which overwhelms, the telling glance and gesture. Evolving over the past 23 years, our wide range of lifestyle photographic courses offer a year-round source of experiential learning and creativity. Whether you join one of our beginner courses or a more intermediate level course, our courses take the budding photographer from the basics of camera function such as utilising aperture and shutter speeds, understanding exposure, focusing, file size options, white balance and ISO control into a fuller understanding of light and composition.

    Our serious amateur and advanced courses build on these sound foundations, all providing "hands on" opportunities, encouraging participants to create work that truly bears their signature, to make images that flow from their hearts and souls as well as their eyes. Courses such as our wedding, real estate, new Mastering real estate and architecture online photography course, fashion / glamour, portraiture, studio and Abode Lightroom 5/6 give you the skills set to pursue either a part or full time career in photography or just a solid platform for the many serious amateur photographers who just love photography and want to get better at it.

    Real Estate/Architecture Photo Course | Adelaide

    Our 2 day Real Estate & Architectural Photography course provides a clear path for the entry-level to advanced photographer, allowing you to gain the specialist photography skills in order to become a capable, even expert, real estate and architectural photographer. Learn how to photograph architectural exteriors and interiors. Shooting in different locations, camera and lenses advice. Composition tips, lighting techniques, file manipulation, post production and preparation for different types of media are all covered. The perfect photography course for real estate agents, architects, interior designers and travellers who love photographing architecture.


    Travel Photography Course | Adelaide (2 days)

    This course is a great 'all rounder' for beginners to intermediate and advanced level photographers in a 'hands on' outdoor environment. The ideal course if you are travelling anywhere in the world and want to pick up tips on everything from wildlife to landscapes. We profile some of the world's most exciting photographic destinations including Myanmar, Tanzania, Bali, Mongolia, Antarctica, Himalayas, Argentina, South Africa and 52 other countries your instructor has personally photographed.


    Best of Scotland Photo Course

    The majestic Grampian Mountains dominate the skyline to the west whilst miles of unspoilt and often dramatic coastline frame the area to the east. Our fantastic Scottish highlands tour includes the Whisky and Castle trail, historic fishing ports, magnificent castles, stately gardens and Scottish highland festivals. Discover for yourself the best that Scotland has to offer on a whilwind 3 day course.


    Best of Hoi An Photography Course

    Graceful, historic, Hoi An is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations you can visit in Asia. Hoi An is an absolute delight and we are very excited to bring you our outstanding 5 day photography course in a unique and photogenic part of the world. The 5 day course comprises a structured series of 10 workshops covering food, wine and cocktails, landscapes, portraiture, action, nature, lifestyle, architecture, camera gear and camera handling finishing off with the fabulous Full Moon Festival.


    Online Real Estate / Architecture Photo Course

    Online real estate & architectural Photography course is a step by step online course in Mastering Real Estate & Architectural photography. created by experts & published authors with 235 pages of content. Study at your own pace. Convenient & cost effective. 15 practical assignments, graduation certificate & suitable for anyone. Covering camera gear, lenses, flashes, lighting, tripods, the best buys, technique such as composition, lighting, interiors, exteriors and presentation. The ideal online real estate course showing you how to turn your photography & design passion into fun & profit.