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Our team at Focus 10 is built on a culture that is driven by passion and enthusiasm for helping individuals and clients alike capture special moments, dedicated to going the extra mile to achieve outstanding results. Though we work independently, we are a team, sharing a common vision to achieve high goals in everything we do, across all areas of our business. While it is perhaps a coined phrase, we really do believe in putting our clients needs first - delivering a quality service and outstanding added value. Just give us a call and you'll experience this from the very outset.

meet our team
Director. Professional photographer

"I would like to think that after being a professional photographer for over 25 years I can handle almost any photographic assignment. I have had to shoot happy, smiley breakfast shoots at 20,000 feet at a temperature of -20 degrees; jump into the crocodile infested Zambezi to stop our canoe being trampled by a herd of elephants; watch a mini tornado in the Gardens of Versailles wreck my cameras and 500 flutes of champagne; train 400 people for a large American client with two days notice - that's just a few of the more unusual assignments! I have also over the years, photographed hundreds of superb weddings (with a few ‘weddings from hell’) and imparted numerous pro photography tips to budding photographers on our Focus 10 courses. The fact is, I never stop learning, being challenged, being inspired. For me, photography as a profession is a lifetime passion. Like life itself - photography is fun!"

Andrew has resided in Australia since 1982 having previously lived in Canada, UK and South Africa. Holding a BSc in Earth Science (University of Toronto), Andrew founded Focus 10 in 1991. Today he heads the operational side of the team - out there capturing the images and as a photographic training instructor on the Focus 10 courses. On a professional level, Andrew’s pictures have been published in many worldwide publications and he has won numerous awards for his sheer depth and breadth of photographic talent and experience. He has photographed over 600 weddings and his business clients range from sole proprietors to major corporations. Andrew has travelled extensively on all seven continents and leads photographic trips for global adventure travel companies such as World Expeditions.

Operations Manager / Photographer

Amanda adds her marketing savvy, photographic talent and invaluable organisational skills to make sure Focus 10 runs smoothly. She has excelled in the cutthroat recruiting business in Hong Kong and London and has a meticulous eye for the quality and detail demanded by our clients. Amanda juggles her busy and pivotal role at Focus 10 with being a mother.

"Running a varied and multi-layered business like Focus 10 is challenging and enjoyable... Weekends are often very busy with a few weddings on the go, simultaneous courses running, wedding photographs to edit, potential clients to show portfolios, emails, paperwork and 2 children to look after... certainly no different than most of us mums out there!! I love the variety and seeing how clients are totally inspired and energised on a workshop such as Bondi to Bronte. It's about meeting like-minded people, doing interesting, fun, outdoor and physically active activities and capturing it as a frozen moment in time of your life.... simply brilliant!!"

Professional Photographer

Sarah’s passion for discovering and photographing the world began with a trip to ancient Egypt more than 20 years ago. Her travels have since taken her to more than 40 countries in five continents. Having lived in both the UK and Australia, Sarah is now operating her photography business 'White Light Gallery' from her base in Copenhagen, Denmark. She specialises in travel, food, corporate and portraiture photography and her work is published in magazines such as Food and Travel in the UK. She has been an affiliate of Focus 10 for more than 7 years and runs our Copenhagen City Tour. Her work can be viewed at


Serena’s 30 year passion, energy and enthusiasm for travel, portrait and architectural photography has in recent years become a career with the establishment of Perth based Code Lime Photography in 2009. “What better way to combine my love of people, adventure, fun, colour and design than with photography”. Her work includes shooting many of Perth’s best beach and riverside properties for several of the cities leading real estate and architectural practices, portrait and commercial work plus two solo photography exhibitions. Her travel adventures have seen Serena being chased by hippos on the Okavango River, supine in the sands of the Himba tribe, traipsing through the mountain villages of northern Vietnam and enduring the freezing overnight temperatures of Anzac Cove, just to capture that moment in time. Much of Australia has been seen from behind a camera lens - under the stars in the rugged Kimberley's, on deserted beaches in the pristine southwest, shooting the surreal outback images from Cue to Uluru to Arnhem Land to her backyard playground of Cottesloe beach. Focus 10 and Code Lime Photography team up in Perth to run the Digital 1 & 2 plus Real Estate / Architecture courses.

Professional photographer

Sarah is a graphic designer and professional photographer who shoots freelance for Focus 10 and also runs our corporate and wedding photobook business through her Signature book company. Her professionalism, attention to detail and sense of style and design, fits in perfectly with her philosophy of using her travels as the inspiration in successfully operating her design and photography business. Sarah’s wanderlust for travel - the excitement and adventure of the unknown - has taken her to all corners of the globe.

Over fifty different countries and all seven continents, from -25 degrees in Antarctica to +50 degrees in Timbuktu. Her travels have led her to some of the most remote and varied places: Pushkar Camel Fair and burning ghats in India; trekking to Manchu Picchu, Nepal and Guatemala; on desert camels to the mystical town of Timbuktu; canoeing in the Okavango Delta; dancing in Havana; watching the opera Aida at Valley of The Queens, Egypt; visiting the hill tribes of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar; exploring the souks of Marrakech; ice camping on The Antarctic Peninsula; and a recent assignment shooting an African safari and the exotic spice island of Zanzibar. Sarah is based Sydney.


Angus Thomas is a naturally talented, experienced photographer based in Berkshire UK specialising in portrait and fashion photography. His clients include both private and corporate groups and individuals and he will undertake most assignments as long as they involve photographing people! Angus is at home in the studio or on location, whether it be at one of England’s finest stately homes or in the clients living room. Angus’ style is contemporary and his approach to his work is always professional. “My business is a people business and the most important thing for me is to earn the trust of my client so that they can relax into the experience."

Angus is our Canon DLSR expert having every Canon and L series lenses imaginable. In addition to his own thriving business, Angus handles the UK Focus 10 assignments and weddings and assists with our UK and European tours and photography workshops and courses. He has a fresh, sharp, humorous personality and is a great talent.

Wedding photographer

Caragh's creative passion began with oil painting, but it wasn't until she picked up a camera that she realised her world had just opened up. She could continue to capture the moment with a single click and use her natural eye and artistic background. Not only that, she is a self-confessed computer geek and builds websites and enjoys photo post processing. Combining her professionalism, technical expertise and creativity, she's worked as a freelance photographer for Focus 10 along with other personal and corporate jobs. She has had her work published on National Geographic, Newspapers, Calendar publications, Corporate websites and more. She specialises in Weddings, Portraits, Travel and Food. She has travelled extensively and is now based in Sydney.