Wedding Photography

    What do you see when you look at wedding photography? Beyond the beautiful dresses and flowers, beyond the picturesque settings, there are the emotions, the moments and the personalities.  Andrew Thomasson at Focus 10 is an award-winning professional photographer who blends candid, photojournalistic and traditional style to create story-telling, elegant images. So ask yourself this:

    What can I expect from a wedding photographer?

    ■ EXPERIENCE : You want an experienced photographer who has creativity, vitality and passion. Experienced enough to have 100's of weddings under their belt and to draw upon this vast, accumulated knowledge to ensure your wedding photographs are special. It helps if your chosen wedding photographer has experience spanning many different wedding styles and locations in both Australia and around the world

    ■ FRESHNESS OF VISION : select a photographer who has vitality and energy and shoots many different types of weddings and locations. Look for a photographer who has a freshness of vision for they may well be doing the same old wedding location week in and week out. A 'specialized' local or venue photographer may well be experienced and know the location and venue but their images are often bland and predicable reflecting that they are plain bored.

    ■ TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE : a photographer who is 100% familiar and knows their gear and how to use it backwards. Wedding photography is about pressure, and you want a skilled operator with a creative, artistic flair to capture your wedding properly. Get them to do a fast pre-shoot when you are quoting the wedding in person and see how they handle pressure

    ■ QUALITY CAMERA GEAR : you want to see your wedding photographer with the best gear, 2 top end full frame or 1.3x crop Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax bodies with pro lenses, Speedlite flashes, reflector and a few quality compacts....not shooting with a $399 baseline DLSR

    ■ IT ABOUT ALL THE GEAR AND NO IDEA : beware the harried wedding photographer with huge bags of gear, fiddling with fancy set ups. Fine if you have time in a studio, not so fine when you are under pressure as the sun fleetingly emerges from the clouds or you wish to capture an unguarded romantic kiss. 

    ■ PRE WEDDING SERVICES : a great wedding photographer will draw up a wealth of experience to offer sound advice on venues to suit your style and budget, best times of year, time of day, anticipated weather conditions, timing advice and so forth. A complimentary pre-shoot is also valuable to establish a bond with the photographer and fine tune what will happen on the day

    ■ A PERSONABLE, CREATIVE, BUSY photographer : Who has nimble feet, adjusts to rapidly unfolding scenarios on the day such as rain. Someone who is at ease with people, can chit chat, is flexible, has an affinity with different cultures and backgrounds and is genuinely passionate about their work.

    ■ SHOOTING WITH THE END RESULT IN MIND : whether its a traditional album,coffee table book or slideshow on your LCD..... the photographer needs to be in tune with present and future trends.  Great wedding photography should be timeless, not catering for an instagram trend

    ■ A GREAT WEDDING PACKAGE : flexible enough to match your needs and budget. A great wedding package of 8 hours for under $4000 and you get to keep the hi res files is value for money and everyone is a winner.

    ■ YOUR WEDDING STYLE : should be reflected in the photographer you chose. You may want to go from a full formal church setting to a casual, fun shoot on a beach nearby. You may or may not like, bling, oversaturated colours. Wedding photographers should be able to bend with the wind. Your photographer will give you innovative ideas and be creative enough to execute these on the day.

    We have a flair for relaxed, stylish photography, making contemporary yet timeless images. Our wedding photography comes from a documentary perspective, concentrating on candid moments of people that evoke a sense of the day's special mood and character. Our specialty is seeing and capturing fleeting, un-posed moments that reveal the joy and energy of your wedding day.
    Andrew Thomasson Wedding photographer

    What can I expect from booking a Focus 10 wedding photography package ?

    Gorgeous portraits of the bride and groom are a hallmark of our style. We have a talent for making stunning, fashionable images by finding great places to take pictures in even the most surprising locations. Naturally, we photograph all the planned events, but we believe our photography is distinctive because we also seek those moments which are more subtle, yet nonetheless beautiful and stirring.

    Every image we make maximizes the moment's evocative, emotional and compositional content. Every image works to tell the story about your wedding day through the personalities of you, your friends and your family. With so much emotion and excitement, we feel privileged to be part of any wedding day. That's why our approach is subtle, unobtrusive. friendly and professional.

    Before the wedding day, we like to find out what you want from your photographs and the styles you like before the photo shoot. We can have a chat on the phone or meet up. It helps us get to know each other and we can talk about how you will use the photography - whether in an album, online, or as large portraiture pictures on your walls to recapture the essence of the day. Focus 10 also offers a complimentary pre-shoot to get you relaxed in front of the camera and the opportunity to attend one of our wedding photography courses or part there of.