Wildlife at Perth Zoo Photo Workshop

Perth   |  4 Hours   |  Special Interest
  • Gain first-hand experience with your camera's functionality
  • Focusing modes, motion, depth of field, ISO, exposure compensation
  • Composition and lighting best suited for wildlife & nature
  • Small groups, 'repeat for free' guarantee*
  • Detailed notes and critique of your images

Cost: $150 | 22 April

On this workshop you will learn the skills required to take photographs of native and exotic animals in a controlled environment, giving you photos that appear to have been shot ' in the wild'. It's a great opportunity for anyone who loves the fauna of our planet and wants to learn the skills of wildlife photography and how to shoot both macro (close -up) and with telephotos ( long lenses) Gain first-hand experience with all cameras. Learn how to shoot a large variety of flora, fauna, & bird photography. The perfect workshop for travellers and those wishing to build a nature photography portfolio and improve their technique. It is suitable for anyone at any skill level.

Learn how to utilize the operation of your DLSR, mirrorless or compact digital camera in order to get fantastic photographs of Australia's finest collection of native animals and a diverse collection of exotic species from around the world. We practice general camera handling, use of long focal length zoom lenses, manipulation of depth of field, shutter speed to freeze or blur movement, composition and lighting techniques.

Perth Zoo is one of the world's leading conservation zoos, supporting local, regional and international projects designed to conserve species in the wild. Perth Zoo features one of Australia's finest collection of native animals and a diverse collection of exotic species. It is a 41-acre zoo that opened in 1898 in South Perth. It is home to 1258 animals of 164 species and includes an extensive botanical collection.

Perth Zoo has three main zones - Australian Walkabout, Asian Rainforest and African Savannah - with a few minor exhibit areas (Lesser Primates, South American birds, Main Lake, Galapagos Tortoises). All exhibits are designed to mimic the animals' natural habitats and utilise passive barriers where possible.

On this workshop, we custom tailor our tuition for those travellers, photographers and wildlife lovers wanting to photograph certain wildlife. For instance may Perth residents want to shoot in the African Savannah section with its African painted dogs, African lions, cheetahs, Grant's zebras, Hamadryas baboons, Meerkats, radiated tortoises, Rothschild's giraffes, spotted hyaenas and southern white rhinoceroses.


what to expect

■ Recognised experts in nature/wildlife photography over 23 years
■ Gain first-hand experience with all cameras, with 'hands on' shooting
■ Ideal for travellers wanting to take much better safari photos
■ Learn how to shoot a large variety of flora, fauna & bird photography
■ Depth of field, aperture, colour balance, lens perspective
■ Freezing and showing motion, exposure, focus modes and points
■ Meet interesting, like minded persons who love wildlife, travel & photography
■ No more than 8 persons per group for more individual attention
■ First hand experience up-close and personal with wildlife
■ Expert tuition from professional wildlife photographer Andrew Thomasson
■ Detailed notes and follow up advisory service
■ Guarantee that you can repeat the workshop for free if you are feeling off colour, its raining...whatever!

workshop requirements

■ No previous photography experience is required
■ A digital DLSR, mirror-less or compact camera
■ For DLSR and mirror-less camera users, at least one multi range lens
■ Memory Card(s) - at least a 2GB card
■ Charged camera battery
■ DLSR Nikon & Canon cameras for hire ($50), 8GB cards for sale ($19)

course dates & course bookings

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time & location

9am to 1pm

20 Labouchere Road, South Perth WA 6151, South Perth

Meeting Point:
(At the front of the main zoo gates)


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