Land of the Nile Photography Adventure

Egypt     |     10 days, 9 nights     |     $$3900     |     6 Jan 2024

Ancient temples and religions, restless sands, vibrant cities, the timeless Nile, golden beaches. Egypt offers all of this and more. Words or pictures can’t describe the enormity of the pyramids, a traditional felucca sailing in the soft Nile breeze, the excitement of the bazaars, the fascinating temples of Upper Egypt, the timeless villages of the Nile Valley or the Monasteries dating from the 3rd century. You need to see and photograph these for yourself sometime in your lifetime .

Egypt is a ‘classic photography tour’ in the truest sense of the word. We control the agenda, the pace, the itinerary - so we can take the best photographs, seek out the hidden gems, or wait for the perfect light. Egypt has attracted and amazed visitors since the beginning of time. The ancient Greeks and the Romans were here. The treasures and customs of Egypt affected their architecture and their lifestyle. Egypt will leave you with photographs of a hospitable and friendly people, of tangible and intangible treasures beyond description. It is the perfect photographic holiday destination, offering a relaxed atmosphere, many diverse and interesting activities and subjects to photograph, a rich history, vibrant colours and cities and the stillness and beauty of the desert landscapes. It's an exotic, memorable 10 days.

■ Historic sites and architecture such as Abu Simbel, Coptic Churches and the Sphinx 

■ Sailing on the Nile on a Felucca

■ Four nights cruising along the Nile River on our comfortable river boat to Aswan and Luxor 

■ Regular shore excursions to the fascinating temples on the riverside

■ Explore the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut

■ Photographing pyramids galore

■ Fine art photography of a timeless classic landscape

■ Experience village lifestyle along the Nile with the Nubians.

■ Capturing the culture of this 1000's of years old fascinating land

■ Visit the many Mosques and Churches 


Land of the Nile Photography Adventure Gallery

Why Tour with Us?


Small groups.
Amazing locations.

We journey to unusual & 'off the beaten track' places and engage in activities specifically chosen for their photogenic nature. Our itineraries are tailored to take full advantage of photographic opportunities.


Fun & interactive
Expert team

Travel with interesting, fun loving, like-minded individuals & enjoy friendly tuition by master trainers and professional photographers. On-location analysis and critique of images as you shoot.


Using pro operators
Hassle free, more time

On most of our tours we use professional operators who look after the bookings, logistics, transportation, accommodation & food. This leaves our hands free to concentrate only on the photography.

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