Get inspired with your camera

Every one of our lifestyle or business oriented photography courses courses will inspire your photographic journey whatever your level of experience or camera gear you have - DSLR, mirrorless, compact, smartphone or drone. Our courses take the budding photographer from the basics of their camera function into a fuller understanding of light and composition.

Our serious amateur, advanced and business oriented courses build on these solid foundations, all providing 'hands-on' opportunities. These courses encourage participants to create outstanding work that truly bears their signature and style. They are perfect for building an impressive portfolio and to explore the commercial photographic opportunities on offer.

Beginners Photography Course - 2 days

The Focus 10 Beginners photography course in Hobart is ideal for those wishing to understand how to get the best out of their DLSR, mirrorless or compact camera with manual controls. It teaches the fundamentals of digital imaging, of handling light and the art of composition. 'Hands on' workshops throughout the course are intuitive, easy to understand and tutored by a professional photographer.

Real Estate & Architecture Photography Course - 2 consecutive days

This practical Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course in Hobart is targeted for those who want to earn money in this essential field of real estate photography. Covering everything from including stills, drones, 360 degree camera's, floor plans & marketing. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a profession.

Travel Photography Course - 2 consecutive days

This inspiring Focus 10 Travel Photography Course in Hobart is designed to deliver you the photographic skills to take stunning travel shots & the art of storytelling. Learn about the camera gear, camera handling and light and composition. Where, when & how to go, what to shoot & what camera gear, bag & accessories to pack.

Smartphone Photography Course - 3 hours

This Smartphone Photography course in Hobart teaches you to take much better photographs with your smartphone. Lens perspective, slo-mo, panos, exposure control, with a strong focus emphasis on lighting and creative composition. We shoot street scenes, portraits, products, architecture and food around Sydney's Rocks district in a punchy, fun, dynamic three hours.