What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

What do you see when you look at wedding photography? Beyond the beautiful dresses and flowers, beyond the picturesque settings, there are the emotions, the moments and the personalities.  Andrew Thomasson at Focus 10 is an award-winning professional photographer who blends photojournalistic, candid and traditional style to create story-telling, elegant images.

We have a flair for relaxed, stylish photography, making contemporary yet timeless images. Our wedding photography comes from a documentary perspective, concentrating on candid moments of people that evoke a sense of the day's special mood and character. Our specialty is seeing and capturing fleeting, un-posed moments that reveal the joy and energy of your wedding day.

Our work is important to us. How we represent ourselves, our brand and our style is something that is very personal and dear to our hearts. If you want to see a larger sample from our catalogue of work that we feel best represents us and our style, check out some of our galleries below.

Gorgeous portraits of the bride and groom are a hallmark of our style. We have a talent for making stunning, fashionable images by finding great places to take pictures in even the most surprising locations. Naturally, we photograph all the planned events, but