Joyful, natural photography to remember your celebration for years to come.

We are not the most expensive option you come across and we certainly won't be the cheapest you consider. What we do is to deliver outstanding value and service with no hidden extras. We care a great deal about creating a truly personalised and unique representation of your wedding day. If you are at all interested in learning a little more about how we approach wedding photography, we would love the opportunity to sit down with you or chat on the phone to ensure we provide you with the coverage that leaves you comfortable knowing that your day is taken care of.

We provide wedding photography packages from small 2-hour beach weddings to full day/ night events. Our coverage ranges from a few hours to packages with absolutely no time restrictions whatsoever. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding value and have had the honour of shooting over 850 weddings over 35 years. Every single package can be customised to include a beautiful personalised wedding album for you and your loved ones. Alternatively we take an unlimited number of images which we edit down to a selection of the best. These high resolution files are your to keep and do whatever you want with them.

Weddings are unique and the photography coverage you receive should reflect that. Our approach and philosophy are simple. We want you to have an amazing time and we are going to do everything possible to ensure that happens. We want you to laugh and enjoy every element of your day and we're known for being very experienced, easy-going, unobtrusive, and dedicated to our craft.   

Remember, our packages are flexible - our pricing is meant as a (fairly accurate) guide until we connect and work out the finer details.

This will probably be one of the biggest decisions you will make and choosing the right photographer for the job is no simple task. You need someone who understands who you are, what you want and most importantly: someone who takes incredible photos that will last a lifetime. Here's the very minimum you can expect:

■ Fantastic value for money, with no hidden extras.
■ Edited files in 2 sets for both screen & print applications, as well as original files as shot on the day
■ Custom-tailored packages to suit your style and budget
■ Our unlimited hour option for those big weddings, overseas weddings, etc
■ Focus 10 will travel anywhere in the world to shoot your wedding (gold package only)

Get in touch via a phone call or via our contact form below, and tell us all about the amazing plans you have for your wedding day. We will help you find coverage that will best fit your day, with a comprehensive cost breakdown so you're completely comfortable with what's been offered, and there are no unexpected surprises.


$890 + gst

2 hours | 400+ | hi res digital edited files | prints $1 each
  • Minimum 2 hours of photography
    Digital format (film by request)
    200+ full quality JPEG digital images
    Extra time charged at $350/hr
    Set of low res files for screen
    Set of high res files for print
    Option: 2nd photographer for an additional $300


$1990 + gst

6 hours | 1000+ | hi res digital edited files | 100 prints
  • Minimum 6 hours of photography
    1000+ full quality JPEG digital images 
    Plus 100 x 4" x 6" prints selected by us.
    Extra time charged at $200/hr
    Set of low res files for screen
    Set of high res files for print
    Option: 2nd photographer for an additional $500


$3,900 + gst

12+ hours | 2000+ | hi res digital edited files | 200 prints
  • Minimum of 12 hours of photography
    2000+ full quality JPEG digital images 
    2nd photographer/ assistant for free
    Plus 200 x 4" x 6" prints selected by us.
    Pre-wedding photo planning service & pre-shoot
    Set of low res files for screen
    Set of high res files for print

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